Sleep Outfitters mattress reviews

Being a unique brand, Sleep Outfitters owns 160 giant stores to offer the best sleeping products to its customers. From Alabama to Indiana, Sleep Outfitters is widespread in 6 different states – these large numbers of branches prove Outfitter Mattresses’ quality and originality.

Sleep Outfitters is famous for many reasons, but the top one is its name-brand mattresses – the brand offers you personalized mattresses service. Sleep Outfitters offer feature-riched beds, and their salespeople are very courteous and cooperative – therefore, this brand has many good reviews. Despite fantastic customer service and premium products.

Walk through this Sleep Outfitters Mattress review and find what perks and downsides this outlet holds – this post will make your Outfitters Mattresses experience smooth and help you buy a valuable mattress.

Sleep Outfitters’ Background Specifics

Sleep Outfitters began its successful journey with a single store in South Charleston, West Virginia, in 1983 and has now expanded to over 160 locations across six states, which is very inspiring and appreciable. Sleep Outfitters aims to provide clients with a better mattress purchase experience.

This selection has a hidden reality: the costs for the goods available in this outlet are significantly higher than when purchasing directly from online stores of those particular brands. This may be because Sleep Outfitters pays its salespeople, sustains its retail network, and is supposed to make a profit. Another reason for charging more is passing on profits to their name-brand mattress suppliers.

What you are buying at Outfitters Sleep is personalized service and sales experience.

Sleep Outfitters’ Product Range

Sleep Outfitters feel happy to carry America’s most recognizable bedding brands, including Sealy, Stearns & Foster, and Tempur-Pedic. The mattress is only one component of the puzzle. A complete sleep solution is required to get deep and regenerative sleep. This includes selecting the mattress, foundation, pillows, protector, and sheets appropriate for your body shape and demands. The peaceful sleep is ready to embrace you when all the jigsaw pieces come together!


Sleep Outfitters offer multiple sleep items, but their mattresses have no comparison. The mattresses at this store are entirely comfortable and soft, offering smooth sleep to tired people. These specially designed mattresses by popular brands reduce back pain in the users and prepare them for the next day – after providing comfy sleep.


In addition to mattresses, Sleep Outfitters also provides bed foundations to customers. These sturdy, well-designed, and withstandable bed bases are challenging to get anywhere else.


Sleep Outfitters aim to provide multiple sleep products to customers at their store so the buyers may not need to visit numerous places to fulfill their needs. The durable bed frames are available in different materials and of different brands – Glideaway and Malouf – so that the customers can get more than they pay for.


The Mattress Protector is designed to produce a clean, safe, and healthy sleeping environment by keeping stains, allergies, and pests at bay. Its Miracle Membrane layer protects your mattress from spills; additionally, the flexible shape of these protectors nicely fits onto mattresses, providing an immediate boost to your sleeping environment.


Sleep Outfitters offer different kinds of pillows of top-notch brands and superb quality. Sleep Outfitters pillows have a sophisticated dual-shape design that maximizes comfort and support, with a contour stress relief form on one side and a classic shape on the other.

The innovative memory foam composition fits quicker with reduced heat retention and is molded (rather than cut) for uniformity and durability, easing pressure on the neck and shoulders. The machine washable brushed-velour zipped fleece cover offers hypoallergenic and stain-resistant slumber. It is ideal for back, side, and stomach sleepers.


At Sleep Outfitters Microfiber Sheets, Bamboo sheets, and Degree 5 Premium Bamboo Sheets are commonly named according to their designed material. The Microfiber Sheet is designed with super-soft and long-lasting woven microfiber, providing a pleasant sleep environment at an excellent bargain.

Organically stained and wrinkle-resistant fibers simplify maintenance without wear and tear or shrinking. Spacious pockets provide a great fit, while bright colors add a beautiful touch to any bed. Similarly, other sheets are also unique and distinctive in features.

Outfitters Brand Selection

Outfitters Mattress range includes luxury and high-end name brands such as Tempur-Pedic and Stearns & Foster, plus smaller and more affordable brands such as Symbol and ENSO.

Thankfully, Sleep Outfitters offers high-priced and low-cost choices so buyers can buy their desired products according to their requirements and budget. Remember that Sleep Outfitters’ collection is slightly lower than that of other more prominent mattress dealers, although they offer some specialist alternatives.

We’ll go over Sleep Outfitters’ offer of sleeping products and examine the available brands in detail, so you can comprehend what you’re getting from these brands.

So here they are:


Tempur-Pedic is one of the well-known mattress brands for its memory foam mattresses. In recent years, they have expanded their offerings to pocketed coil mattresses, and others include cooling gel-infused foam. These mattresses get good marks from customers because they have a wide variety of firmness and materials used. However, they are much more expensive than online brands that use similar materials.


ENSO is a low-cost brand with many sleep product choices and distinguishing characteristics. ENSO mattresses feature charcoal-infused foams that aid in cooling and silver-infused materials that help keep bacteria at bay. Most of their clients are pleased with their mattresses and believe they are receiving a decent deal, although there have been occasional reports of durability issues – but the problem is only with some products.


Sealy has been selling classic suspension and pocketed coil mattresses for a long time. Their Posturepedic line is the most renowned and successful, with hundreds of pricing and firmness variations. Sealy also sells low-cost foam mattresses to make comfort accessible for everybody. These mattresses receive high marks for initial comfort; however, some consumers have observed sagging with time.

Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster is an elevated and luxury mattress company that has been in business for centuries. They sell high-quality mattresses with pocketed coils and luxurious fabrics. While these mattresses look and feel nice at first, there have been complaints of them slumping faster than usual.


The Symbol is a significant mattress manufacturer primarily concentrating on specialized mattresses such as those used in hospitals and schools. They choose from an array of lower-quality, more affordable mattresses for regular customers.

Customers have different feelings about the comfort and longevity of their beds. Many customers have had positive experiences, while others have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of their mattresses – but overall, at an affordable price, Symbol offers all that you deserve.

Comfort Revolution

Comfort Revolution is a Sealy duvet manufacturer that primarily distributes through its retail partners. They are reasonably priced and available in all-foam patterns. Even though they are available in various thicknesses, some buyers have given them mixed ratings. Some people have found these mattresses comfortable; however, others have experienced issues with longevity.

All these brands and their offered mattresses are great in features; though these brands have different pros/cons and customer reviews⸺such as feedback about their customer service, outfitters’ attitude, product quality, sizes, etc.; yet, overall, they are not devalued or substandard.


Sleep Outfitters don’t refer to our in-person or online advisers as “salespeople.” The brand management calls them “our delivery team members Outfitters” because that’s what they do: equip you for the finest night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

They are all well trained in all aspects of sleep, from minor complaints such as waking up too hot or being jostled by a companion to more severe difficulties such as sleep disorders and mobility challenges and are professionals in implementing the solution in your house. They can diagnose the issue and recommend an appropriate solution for you.

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Convenient Ways Of Shopping At Sleep Outfitters

Outfitters Mattress has made shopping straightforward as it offers ultimate shopping ways, so buyers can follow what is convenient. Overall, shopping at Sleep Outfitters is a matter of some clicks – after a few clicks, your order is finalized, you become capable of paying, and you receive a super-fast shipment. Everything is as efficient as you see in the pictures.

  • Shop by visiting the store
  • Meet with an expert Outfitters
  • Call an Outfitter to place the order
  • Chat to Outfitters
  • Text an Outfitters
  • Shop by tapping here

Similarly, contacting Outfitters for customer service is convenient, practical, and quick.

Sleep Outfitters Mattress Is A One-Shop For Your Multiple Needs

Sleep Outfitter Mattress is a one-store that can fulfill your multiple requirements for happy and comfortable sleep. You get multiple sleeping products and various brand options with significant crafting differences and price ranges; eventually, you can select what you want without any hassle or inconvenience. So, pick any method to place an order at tapping here, receive our mattress, and say hi to your comfortable sleep and farewell to your sleeping nightmares

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