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If you are struggling to furnish your home with beautiful, stylish, yet budget-friendly options, you need to think no more except for Dump Furniture Outlet. This Furniture Outlet allows you to style your home, make every aesthetic, and gather compliments from guests without breaking your budget.

Dump Furniture is a discount retail store that offers heartwarming furniture of various brands and the multiple options you can get at this store are difficult to find anywhere else.

In addition to the huge variety, the customer service is a stellar; you can scroll down this piece of content to get to know this brand better. This article will ease your shopping experience at Dump Furniture and satisfy your shopaholic nature.

Dump Furniture Outlet: An Overview

Buying heavy-priced furniture, mattresses, or other related items is not everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, the Dump Furniture outlet is here to serve you with the best by taking care of your wallet.

With more than 35 years of experience in the American retail industry, Dump Furniture offers dozens of luxurious closeouts and design samples and is overstocked with renowned brands. This retail store eliminates retail markups – ultimately saving customers 30 to 80% of users.

At Dump Furniture, the world’s best manufacturers and designers can dump their products with full confidence because their main goal is to relieve customers by selling top-quality products at a discount.

Customers can find the best furniture items in one store, such as Sofas, Beds, Mirrors, sleepers, chairs, loveseats, recliners, and other items, including mattresses and rugs.

As a discount retail store, Dump Furniture aims to provide top quality and durable products in their original state to shoppers, which they can easily get in their nearby stores.

Dump Furniture Product List

Although the Dump Furniture outlet offers you a range of products, the most valuable product they offer to their customers is mattresses. Let’s check out what they have for you!


Waking up fresh after a sound night’s sleep is everyone’s wish, and it is only possible if you feel comfortable in your bed.

One thing that can play a part in making a bed cozy is undoubtedly a mattress. So, if you need a fine-quality mattress at an affordable rate, there is no better option than a Dump Furniture outlet. Of their various products, the most promising item for their customers is their top-of-the-line mattresses.

Mattress Brands:

Their inventory has mattresses from the world’s top brands, such as Heirloom, Marshal, Hemingway, Biltmore, Britannica, Serta, and others. Sometimes they may run out of stock, so visiting the store or checking the availability online would be better.


The price of the Dump Furniture outlet mattresses varies from brand to brand. Their price range starts from $999 and goes up to over 3000$.

Regardless of the price, all the mattresses are cozy, durable, and comfortable to offer valuable customers undisturbed sleep.


If you need a Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California, or Texas King size mattress, feel confident to visit the Dump Furniture nearby store or shop online.


Shoppers can choose from Plush, Medium, and Firm mattresses at less price but of top quality.

Profile Height:

Different profile height mattresses are available per your liking and bed height; you can choose from 14, 14.5, 13, 13.5, 16, 18.5, 11, 12.5, 15.5, 8, 9, 2, and 5.

Top Type:

Customers can pick the Boxtop, Eurotop, Luxetop, Pillow Top, and Tight Top mattresses at Dump Furniture to enjoy deep sleep without disturbance.

Other Related Accessories:

This prestigious retail store also offers Luxury King and Queen pillows, cooling pillows, comforter sets, and other related items. The adjustable bases are part of their amazing collection.

Sectionals & Sofas

They have durable, comfortable, appealing sectionals and sofas from top-rated brands. The sofas and sectionals maintain shape and look due to premium 100% Top-Grain Leather, Chenille, Faux Leather (Pu), Linen, Performance Fabric, Polyester, and other material.

Shoppers can pick the preferred options from the collection of tufted sofas and chesterfields, sleeper sofas, modular sections, tufted sofas, and more.

The price range varies for sectionals and sofas; you can find the best product under $1000 and more than $7000. In short, customers have a wide range of products to make their living rooms the talk of the town.


Customers who want to relax in the living room’s calm and soothing environment can select the best recliner from the Dump Furniture store at an affordable rate.

Choose the recliner in Black, Blue, Brown, Gray/Silver, Ivory/White, Red or, or Tan/Beige colors and make the sitting place extra stylish. Moreover, the Dump offers various recliners, such as leather, Power Lift, Swivel Rockers, Memory Foam, and Heat & massage recliners, to bring back ease to customers’ lives.

Other Furniture Items

The dump retail outlet is not an ordinary place; besides sectionals, sofas, and recliners, they also have a wide array of beds, bed sets, bedroom storage, mirrors, nightstands, youth bedrooms, dining room sets (chairs, tables, stools, benches, storage) and office sets (chairs, desks, bookcases, office storage), ottomans, and more.


Rugs can indeed enhance the appearance of any place. You can place them anywhere in the house or use them as a decorative item. 

To create an ideal soothing ambiance, Dump Furniture offers hand-knitted Indian to beautiful Turkish rugs.

Their stunning rugs have pleasant floral designs, abstract art, bright/calming colors, traditional designs, geometric shapes, and more. You can enjoy the awesome range of square, small, and large rectangular-shaped rugs of varying sizes.

Material Quality of Dump Furniture Products

The Dump has a variety of products from renowned retailers and brands, and they ensure every piece of furniture and mattress in their inventory is without any defect.

They have premium-quality leather sofas, recliners, wooden tables, and chairs. Moreover, the plus box spring and other mattresses give customers a comfy and soothing feel.

Although most customers have positive reviews about mattresses, rugs, and furniture, at the same time, some are unsatisfied with Dump Furniture.

One customer comes up with the recliner sofa and matching chair leather color fading issue; others report similar issues. Many customers are unhappy with the customer services of Dump too.


This amazing retail outlet offers its products at discount prices, but remember, all sales are final, and no returns or exchanges are offered except for the manufacturer defect arising within one year of purchase or damage occurring within one day of delivery.

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Some Reviews About The Dump Furniture

Dump Furniture outlet receives mixed customer reviews; some have a good experience while, unfortunately, others are unhappy with them.

One of the customers, Walt S., is very happy with the Dump Furniture; he said it was his third purchase from this outlet and was satisfied all three times.

Another customer Jason P. liked the store and said it is huge; the prices are comparable to other stores.

Its customer Leo G was unsatisfied with the furniture quality and corporate office response.

RAK42 was another valuable customer of Dump who was happy with the recliner at first, but unfortunately, the recliner stopped working after a few days. 

Bigboboregon expresses the joy with Dumo Furniture in positive words. This customer was happy to see their continuously changing inventory and with the purchase of rugs and recliners.

Though Dump Furniture hasn’t got many positive reviews, Daniel Dunn has praised their services and friendly staff.

Points To Mind In While Visiting Dump Furniture Outlet

Everyone wishes to buy luxurious and premium quality furniture, mattresses, rugs, and other items for their homes, offices, or other places. Due to their hefty price tags, it is nearly impossible to afford them for all.

The Dump Furniture outlet makes purchasing these useful items easy and convenient through discount offers. Before visiting the store, you must take care of a few things, such as the store location (always choose the nearby store to save money on traveling).

Next, select the item before leaving home by visiting their online store so you will get a clear idea about what they are offering and whether it is in your range or not.

Scroll their website to get to know about upcoming products or sales. Furthermore, reading customer reviews will also greatly help make decisions faster.

Dump Furniture Outlet Locations

Dump Furniture always cares for its shoppers, so it has many warehouses and stores across the US to make Furniture and mattress shopping convenient and fun.

The main stores are in Arizona, Texas, Atlanta, Houston, Georgia, Virginia, Dallas, and other places. If you wish to look for durable home goods at a discounted rate, look at the store locator and choose one nearby to your house.

Dump Furniture Outlet Can Spice Up Your Shopping Experience

Shopping online is different from shopping in physical stores; shipping at Dump Store really brings a fantastic experience that everybody can avail by finding the nearest store. At the Dump Store, you can get super comfy, durable, and impressive mattresses, furniture, and rugs for your precious places.

Choose a Dump furniture outlet as your next shopping place, and get ready to receive a lot of compliments.

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